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Body Piercing

If you want to get a piercing, you have to be careful where will you go. Your safest bet would be if you choose a studio that's following the prescribed  European standards for body piercing. Also, piercing jewelry must be made from medical titanium or steel .


Tattoo / piercing studio American Way from Novi Sad has many years of experience and strictly follows the prescribed norms. We use high - quality piercing jewelry form Wild Cat.


Piercing is done with disposable needles and the rest of equipment is medically sterilized.

Before you finally decide for piercing, in this study, you can get all the information and advice for your case, considering that not every kind of piercing is desirable for everyone.

Before the actual piercing, analysis of the spot and selection of the jewelry  is required, for the body piercing to be done the best way possible and without scars.


Before your final decision, consult the studio for the piercing that will suit you the most:


Navel piercing

Eyebrow piercing

Nose piercing

Tragus (Ear) piercing

Lip piercing

Tongue piercing

After the piercing, the studio will provide you with detailed instructions for the maintenance and care of your new piercing.

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